Multi function LED ballpoint pen with customise colour

Multi-2-in-1 LED p01P


Our dual function LED pens can be used as a writing instrument as well as using the LED as a flashlight in emergency situations! Simply push the upper switch up to activate LED, and lower switch to extend the writing ink!

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) starts from a minimum of 500 pieces for regular colours:

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and orange

Pen barrel can be customised and be matched almost perfectly with your ideal Pantone colours.

Why LED ?

  • Our LED, though small in size, it has strong lighting and is powered by three cell batteries.
  • Due to it’s compact size, you can have it readily available by having it anywhere such as pockets, purses, drawers and even in the car.
  • These LED features are very important because you can have the flashlight readily available during an emergency situation, for an example: walking in dark outdoors or restoring AC power source when there is a power trip.
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Product Description


  • Pen barrel colours are available in both standard and *special customised colours
  • Pen barrel can be customised and be nearly perfectly matched with Pantone colours
  • Comes with LED function

Additional Information


Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Red

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