Hardcover sticky note set series with colour tabs and memo pads

Sticky Notes Set 1 (Hardcover)

Sticky Notes Set (Hardcover)

Memo pads are essential and creative tool to convey ideas / message on the go!

Now we introduce to you our sticky notes set in hardcover backing! Hardcover not only improves the aesthetic value of a product and it also provides more protection for the contents inside against wear-and-tear damages.

Our sticky note set series is fully customisable and we also work with Pantone colours to match with your corporate brands! Not to worry if you do not have any ideas as we provide complimentary design services as well!


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Product Description

Sticky Notes Set (Hardcover)
  • Fully customisable
  • Customisable Sticky papers
  • 5 arrow-shaped coloured tabs
  • Customisable hardcover backing
In this sample: 
  • Size: 110mmX80mm
  • 4C printing hardcover
  • 5 arrow head-shaped coloured tabs
  • 4C printing Post-it sheets