Bamboo p1002b

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Bamboo is a sustainable crop and being known as a fast growing grass. It does not require replanting after harvesting. It can gain maturity in a short span of less than 4 months because its vast roots will continually sprouts new shoots, absorbing and living well in sunlight and greenhouse gases thereby it renew new shoots and grown to new heights.  In short, bamboo does not required to be replanted or  require fertiliser to grow well.  This saves bamboo plantations from the pesticides and fertilizers used for tree forestry and reduces the amount of man hours and resources to maintain the plantations.

Our eco-friendly pen made with bamboo material is amongst the very few writing instrument that is made from a sustainable source. As the saying goes Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.  Go green and for a guilt-free writing switch to use our sustainable bamboo material.




Eco Sustainable Bamboo Pen, p1002b 

  • Barrel is made from bamboo.
  • Alternative pen choice over plastic or metal pen.
  • Barrel is not made of Wood nor Polymers.