Eco Multi Leads Colour Pencil cp01

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Eco- Rainbow Colouring Pencil (3.5″ or 7″)

One colour pencil offers you with rainbow colouring experience.  Available in 4 or 7 leads colour choice. What’s more it is eco friendly!  These pencils are made of recycled papers. NO TREES were cut to make them. Our recycled colouring pencil is truly an eco-friendly product as it saves the cutting of trees and also recycling the papers.  Go Green and for a guilt-free writing switch to our recycled colour paper pencil.  Try to sharpen the pencil and you can watch every paper shavings appear and be convinced fully it is made of recycled paper material.

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Eco Multi Leads Colour pencil : 

  • Size : 3.5″ or 7″ available.
  • Leads colour comes in either 4 or 7 different lead colours in one tip.
  • Popularly known as rainbow colour pencil.
  • Barrel material available in recycled grey paper or kraft paper.