Eco Recycled Paper Pencil (3.5″)

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100% Eco-friendly recycled newspaper pencil 

Say no to tree cutting. Amongst the very few writing instrument that is 100% made of recycled paper as the saying goes Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Try to sharpen the pencil and you can watch every shavings of newspaper prints appear and be convinced fully it is made of recycled newspaper.  Contribute to the environment by choosing our 100% eco-friendly pencils made out of recycled newspapers.

This short pencil comes in a size of 3.5″ or you can customise to your ideal size. Emphasise your brand by Imprinting your logo on the pencil barrel!  For a guilt-free writing switch to use our recycled paper pencil.

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Eco Pencil

  • Size: 3.5 inch.   Can customise to any length size.
  • Logo imprint on pencil barrel.
  • Made of 100% recycled newspaper paper. No Wood No Polymers.  For Guilt Free Writing.