Multi-2-in-1 LED p04

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Multi Function 2-in-1 LED 

This pen has Rainbow Light Changing Colour Effect! It is a great gift for anyone.

Illuminated light is a prefect way to write notes in the dark or to find keys in your briefcase. It is a good idea to keep pens with light functionality around your living areas for any emergency situations.


  • Write with ease during any time with our Light Up Pens
  • Our Colour Changing LED has multiple transitions from one colour to another colour. It makes every writing a rainbow experience.
  • Makes it a great promotional pen giveaways such as new product launch, Year-end Party and more..
  • Includes replaceable low-mercury batteries
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Multi 2-in-1 LED p04

  • Pen barrel colours are available in both standard and *special customised colours
  • Pen barrel can be customised and be nearly perfectly matched with Pantone colours
  • Comes with LED and Rainbow light changing colour function
  • Batteries included


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