Multi-3-in-1 LED p01

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Multi Function 3-in-1 LED 

Write easily in dim areas with our chrome-accented pens equipped with stylus and LED functionality!

To activate LED: Simply remove the black rubberised cap at the top and click down to activate LED.

To write: Simply do a twist on the lower barrel to extend the pen tip!

Why LED?

  • Our LED, regardless of it’s size, has strong lighting and is powered by three cell batteries.
  • Due to it’s compact size, you can have it place it anywhere such as pockets, wallets, purses and even in small compartments of your car.
  • Having an item which has LED functionality is important as LED-enabled items can greatly support you by lighting up in a dark environment.


Multi Function 3-in-1 LED 

  • Comes in both standard colours and *customised colours!
  • *Colour can be customised and be nearly perfectly matched with Pantone colours
  • Comes with LED function
  • Logo customisation on pen
  • Comes with an optional black rubberised grip
  • Twist-mechanism function on lower barrel to extend ink tip
  • Equipped with a soft stylus for note writing on phones/tablets
  • A simple click down function to activate LED light

Directions to use: 

  • To activate pen ink, simply twist the lower barrel
  • To activate LED light, remove the top rubber cap and click down on the white tip